We, Ignis Fatum, are an IT company from Lviv, Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, we had to stop our commercial activities and take an active part in protecting our country from the russian aggressor.

This page was created to help our sniper organisation which we are part of, in purchase equipment and gear. Since the beginning of war we have used our internal funds, to help our fighters on the front line, but this funds are coming to an end. Sniper teams need expensive equipment, most of which we have to buy with our own funds.

Today we have to ask you for help, financially or informationally, in distributing this fund on the Internet and social networks.

Many a mickle makes a muckle. Do not consider the prices listed below as a call to action. We have listed the item price for information. Even a small donation will help our snipers. We will be grateful any amount of your support.

Leica CRF 2400-R
The CRF 2400-R determines the equivalent horizontal range (EHR) up to a distance of 1,200 yards (1,097 meters) when required. With this feature, the unit provides the practical angle-compensated distance, which is essential for an accurate long-distance shot.
  • Price per item:  871$
Thermal Imaging Devices
Leica Calonox Thermal Imaging Device
Outstanding image quality at a long range. Four color modes for high-contrast detail recognition. With the Calonox thermal cameras, Leica continues its long, successful track record in digital image optimization, and extends its excellent reputation as a camera manufacturer.
  • Price per item:  4 000$
A powerful objective lens in combination with a professional grade sensor thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities. A standard 1.8 m (6 ft) tall object can be detected at a 2300 m (2500 yds) distance in complete darkness.
  • Price per item:  4 565$
Weather station
Kestrel 2500NV Weather Meter
The Kestrel 2500 Handheld Weather Meter measures wind and temperature with total accuracy, and has the added benefits of an air pressure sensor that provides altitude and barometric information. Kestrel 2500 technology enables you to follow changes in air pressure that help predict impending changes in the weather.
  • Price per item:  160$
Motorola MotoTRBO DP4601 UHF
The DP4600 / DP4601 Series portable radios deliver unrivaled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS and Bluetooth data, plus best-in-class audio through an Intelligent Audio feature and a Transmit Interrupt function. The DP4600 / DP4601 portable delivers unrivaled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS plus Bluetooth audio and data, text messaging, 4-line display and best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcement feature.
  • Price per item:  700$
Protected phones
The phone complies with the IP68 standard, it is not afraid of rain, swimming in the sea or dirty roads, because its case is reliably protected from water and dust and dirt particles inside. In addition, the case was made using double-cast plastic and rubber technology, so X-TREME PQ38 is protected in case of falls and bumps.
  • Price per item:  244$
The plastic case, made by double casting technology, is supplemented with rubber inserts, so it can withstand falls from a small height, shocks and other damage. It is protected against penetration of water, sand and dust, thanks to compliance with the IP68 protection standard.
  • Price per item:  56$

On behalf of our Ignis Fatum company, ukrainian military snipers and all the people of Ukraine, we would like to thank you. We are grateful to all countries of the world and to each of you who provide support to Ukraine in this difficult time.
With your support, we will win!

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